Learn to drive, build confidence & pass your driving test!

With Mat Clark, your local driving instructor in Evesham.

Beginners Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons Course perfect for new learner drivers, with little or no experience of driving…

Refreshers / Improvers

Ideal Driving Lessons Course to refresh your driving skills and get you back driving again…

Learning to drive in Evesham

Learning to drive can be a daunting experience but it’s about finding the right driving instructor for you. Now YOU CAN learn to drive and pass with Mathew Clark in Evesham.

With an excellent driving test pass rate, whatever your ability, Mat Clark provides a calm learning environment, taking the stress out of lessons with a caring approach.

You’ll learn fast and look forward to every lesson. Not only will you pass your driving test, you will continue to be a safe and knowledgeable driver.

And what’s more, you will LOVE driving!

Driving lessons: a life-long skill

Want better job opportunities in the area? Being able to drive will enable you to apply for a greater selection of employment in and around Evesham. Driving is an important skill that once learned, you will use for life.

Learn to drive for convenience

Plan your life and schedule, not the bus routes and timetables! Being able to drive gives you complete freedom to go where and when you want.

Don’t delay, invest in a driving course with Evesham Driving Lessons. 

Mat Clark

Mat Clark

Driving Instructor - Evesham Driving Lessons

Choose Mat Clark for your Driving Tuition

Driving lessons start with a reliable and punctual, door to door service.
With a high standard of teaching for your full hour driving lesson, with no disruptions, mobile telephone calls, or breaks.


Friendly, Patient Instructor

Makes learning to drive a pleasure

Flexible Pick Up & Drop Off

From home, work, school or college

Dedicated Tuition

One-to-one lessons

Easy to Learn

Step-by-step Driving Lessons,
tailored to suit you


Nervous pupils welcome

Calm tuition, fun lessons

Learn At Your Own Pace

Choose weekly Driving Lessons or an intensive Driving Course

At Times to Suit You

Lesson times planned at times best suited or convenient for you

Dual Controlled Car

For your safety

Air Conditioned Car

For your comfort

No Smoking


No Telephone Calls

No mobile calls during your lessons

No other Passengers

No passengers during your lessons

VERY HIGH pass rate

See my customer reviews!

Latest Customer Reviews

“Mat made learning to drive an enjoyable experience and was very patient throughout, I’m grateful for his help! Thank you so much!

Storm Joubert

“I really enjoyed learning to drive with Mat and felt ready and equipped to take my test- which I passed first time! 🙂

Samuel Hayler

“Excellent and patient driving instructor ! Thank you so much – Really enjoyed learning to drive safely with you. Would recommend to anyone.

Izzy Lowerson

“Mat is a brilliant driving instructor, he’s so lovely and friendly. I couldn’t recommend him enough. 100% would recommend !!!

Agata Polska

“Mat is the perfect driving instructor, he was brilliant with the availability of driving lessons, and it was great to have such a friendly and calm guy sat next to me.

Nathan Kimberley

“I absolutely loved my driving lessons with Mat. I feel like I picked up everything so quickly due to Mat’s teaching. I passed first time and I wouldn’t have done that without him. Thank you so much!

Niamh McCreanor

“I have had driving lessons from Mat Clark for nearly two years and I have passed my driving test thanks to him I would highly recommend him to anyone that is wanting to learn on how to drive.

Josh Easthope

“Amazing experience learning to drive with mat, he’s so friendly and patient but also very helpful when giving feedback to improve on my driving skills.

Katrina Newman

“Learning to drive with Mat was an excellent experience which I thoroughly enjoyed. He was patient, understanding and clearly very knowledgeable. I looked forward to all my lessons and on the day of the test he was particularly kind and reassuring. I would definitely recommend him!

Lily Annett

A very high driving test success rate.

Contact Mat Clark

land line: 01386 421535

mobile: 07933 158132