Driving lessons: Beginners course

An ideal driving lessons course for new learner drivers, or those with little experience of driving…

Learn to drive from complete beginner

From complete beginner with no previous experience to confident, competent and safe driver with Mat Clark’s Driving instruction.

I’ll advise you on how many lessons you will need before you take your driving test, and give you updates every lesson, you’ll be learning to drive in no time!

And, at any age, it’s always good to learn to drive.

Where can I take my Driving Lessons?

New driver Driving Lessons are conducted on roads familiar to you in order to provide you with the best possible start.

For your convenience I can take your driving lessons where you live:

in and around Evesham, Pershore, Broadway, Honeybourne, Cheltenham and surrounding Worcestershire and Gloucestershire areas.

Call Mat Clark today to discuss your requirements!

Learning to drive – Top 5 typical worries

You are not on your own! Lots of people are apprehensive about taking driving lessons, here’s just 5 normal reactions, could this be you too?

“I’ve never driven before!”

Good! You are the best kind of student!  No driving experience means no bad habits! I look forward to teaching you!

“I know nothing about cars, and frankly not interested in car types. Will I be any good at driving?”

As soon as you learn how to drive from A to B, when you want, where you want, driving will be so much more relevant to you, and therefore more interesting and very enjoyable!

“Some of my friends have passed first time, what if I don’t?”

Well, Ben Fogle recently said on BBC TV that it took him 7 attempts to pass his test, but he did finally pass. It only matters that you build confidence and pass when you are ready to be a safe and competent driver.

“What if I stall the car?”

This will definitely happen, it happens to everyone! No problem, I will show you how to operate a car, and in a controlled, safe environment, on your first lesson you will be driving!

“How many driving lessons will I need to pass my driving test?”

This can vary, student to student.

You will be advised on what is suitable for you. Each driving course is individually tailored to meet your exact requirements and your specific needs.

There is no set amount, or ‘block’ of driving lessons, you can add on as many as you feel you need.

Contact Mat Clark

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